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My first experience as a digital nomad

This is a guest post I wrote for Travelling Jezebel, a blog about travel, tourism, books, human rights, and women’s issues, among other things. Its author, Dani Leigh, is a fellow University of Salford alumna and she has travelled extensively during the past few years. Having read about her experiences, I was inspired to embrace my love of travel and also to share my experience of combining travel and work.

Travelling when you want and still being able to earn a living? That’s a dream for many, and it’s become increasingly more popular in recent years with the improvement of internet accessibility and communications. I personally wouldn’t call myself a digital nomad because I don’t think I qualify really, considering I don’t travel very frequently, although I travel more than your average nine-to-five employee. In the two and half years that I’ve been self-employed, I’ve combined work and travel a lot, but never really specifically for the purpose of travelling and seeing the world. I worked while travelling when I did a four-month study period in Paris as part of my master’s degree. I travelled to Brescia in the north of Italy last year for a conference, and I’ve worked while travelling to visit family in the UK. Having coped well while travelling for these purposes, I wanted to try working remotely while travelling for touristic purposes.

In March of this year, I visited Budapest in Hungary, Skopje in Macedonia, Bratislava in Slovakia and Sofia in Bulgaria during a two-week period, working from cafés, hostels, and airports. I’m not going to discuss what I liked about each place, as the focus of this post is my experience with the more practical considerations.

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